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Here at Jln Petaling
(Chinatown KL), you can experience shopping quite similar to Bangkok/Thailand where you can usually find the latest fashion/other items you fancy. The sellers will start to "push in" & set up their portable stalls from 3pm and end around 11pm.

Try to end your shopping before 11pm as it is near the closing time and many will be pushing their carts in between the narrow lanes, making it difficult to move around.

If you need info on how to get here from KL airport , pls check above menu links.

*** PRICES ***
Many sellers here quote relatively high prices of between RM$80 to RM$150 for items like: watches, pens, shirts, leather belts, bags, wallets, shoes, white LED torches, sunglasses, caps, perfumes, etc. See pictures below. Softwares & Occasionally, Movies Dvds, BluRays can also be found here.

Designer & common brands include: Polo Ralph, Nike, Billabong, Adidas, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Boss, Crocs, Cartier, Mont Blanc, Rolex, Tag Heur, Police, etc.

You can still bargain for much lower prices even for one item. Reason being most of these items sold here are not the real stuff and very likely they are 'tried out' by handful of potential customers before you buy. Tell them honestly these prices are too high for you, always ask for lower prices.

No hard feelings if both sides can't agree on a common price. There are always may stalls to choose from, you may also decide to come back to them if you can't find the items at other stalls.

Before making any purchase its best to check out other stalls and most importantly, must check your items for any defects before leaving the stall.

Electronic/Souvenirs: check for any dents, scratches. Ask for new electronic items, display sets may not be as good.
Shirts/ Pants: measure your sizes, examine for any holes or stains on shirts

Sizes for shirts sold here are usually either L or XL.
The seller will tell you they don't have new shirts, what they have is on display here.

If there are any problems with the items, pls clarify & ask for a replacement from the seller before paying him/her.

*** SELLER ***
The sellers' usual statements, I quote below:
"Sir, You like this design?"
"How much you asking for?"
"Come in & try this shirt, trying is free. No need to pay. "
"This is branded item, good price for you, can't get this outside."
"This is high quality material, any stall you go to will be similar price."


Night Market 1

Merchandise of all kinds can be found at Jalan Petaling.

Night Market 2

Branded bags of most international brands can be bought here.
Remember to bargain as most merchandise sold here are "copies".

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Night Market 3

White LED torches, binoculars, lighters, tripod-stands, etc.

Night Market 4

Souvenirs featuring KL Twin Towers.
Key chains, bottle-opener, fridge magnets,name-card holder.

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Night Market 5

T-Shirts and night food stalls.

Night Market 6

Leather Belts of all brands

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Night Market 7

Branded Designer Pens

Night Market 8

Designer Watches

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