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You can never be short of good food (mainly chinese style) & drinks at Chinatown,KL here.
Even if you are a vegeterian, you can choose to dine at Indian coffeeshop for pratas (pancakes)

General prices range from RM$4 to RM$6 for hawker-style cooked food.
To cool down, luohan winter melon herbal tea costs RM$1.20/cup.
Beer in cans cost around RM$7-$8 at minimarts here.

Enjoy pictures below.
See Map of Jalan Petaling

Wat Tan Hor Fun

RM$6 at Restoran West Lake - coffeeshop near the entrance of Chinatown KL along Jalan Sultan. (See Map of Jalan Petalinng)

Wat Tan, Cantonese Style Hor Fen or Gong Fu Chow Hor Fen, slightly fried Hor Fen with  thick egg starch gravy, plus some pork meat & livers, vegie,  mini prawns and  squid.

Raw Fish Porridge

RM$5.50 at a stall along Jalan Hang Lekir

(See Map of Jalan Petaling)

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Ma Chi - Dessert
(Sticky Glutinous Rice mixed with Crushed Peanuts)

Ma Chi RM$5/box.
Comes in 6 flavours: Original, Black Sesame, Ribena, Pandan, Mango, Green Tea.

Zhu Cheong Fun
(Rice Noddle Rolls)

Costs RM$3-$4 per plate at the stall next to the fish porridge along Jalan Hang Lekir. Comes with sesame seeds & sweet sauce.

(See Map of Jalan Petaling)

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Giant Steam Buns (Baos)

Buns at RM$1.40 to RM$2.80

Herbal Cold Drinks

To cool down at ~RM$1.20/ cup

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