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KLIA to KL Sentral Station

  1. By KLIA Express- Costs RM $35. Journey: 35 mins*
  2. By Bus - Costs RM $8 to $10. Journey: 50 mins*
    (see A & B)

KL Sentral to Pasar Seni LRT Station

  • Transit to Pasar Seni -Costs RM $1. Journey: 3 mins*
    (see C & D )

Pasar Seni LRT Station to Jalan Petaling

  • Walk about 50 meters towards 7-11 convienence store. Journey: 5 mins*
    Jalan Petaling is just behind Hotel Mandarin Pacific.

    See Map of Jalan Petaling
    (or see pictures E & F)

    *above listed timings are subjected to traffic conditions

KLIA -> KL Sentral -> Pasar Seni -> Jalan Petaling
(By Bus or KLIA Express) -> (By LRT) -> (By Walk)

KL Transit Rail Map

A) KLIA to Bus Station

KLIA Airport - After Immigration Clearance
Walking towards bus station leaving for KL Sentral Station

B) Bus Station next to KLIA

RM$10 Bus to KL Sentral
(Beware of rival bus employees 'pulling' passengers!)

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C) At KL Sentral D) Board Train to Pasir Seni Lrt  

Once you arrive at KL Sentral, go up one level to ground floor & take LRT to Pasir Seni Station.

After buying ticket @ RM$1, take LRT to Pasir Seni
(1 station away)
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E) Pasir Seni Lrt Station Platform F) Pasir Seni to Jalan Petaling  

Arrival at Pasir Seni Lrt Station.
(you can see a monsoon drain with artists' graffiti below platform)

Walk 50 mtrs towards Hotel Mandarin Pacific
( tall building in background)
To your right is Klang Bus Station & Uda Ocean Shopping Ctr

(See Map of Jalan Petaling)
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G) Jalan Petaling Front Entrance H) Accomodation  

Walk into entrance & look for accomodation on both sides.
Hotel/motels' price ranges from RM$39-RM$89.90 per nite.

Map of Jalan Petaling

I chose one hotel with clean facilities & middle of Jalan Petaling for easy access. (Cost RM$89.90 /nite for twin beds)
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